Mmmm dat #nanaicecream 🙌🍌 holy macaroni… Eight thousand beautiful followers! Can’t believe it 😊 I’m so greatfull to you all and can’t express how excited it makes me to see you guys loving my recipes and recreating them in your own kitchens!! 🍴😘 so thought it’s about time I have something back… SHOUTOUT comp time!! Woohoo!
Just repost any of my photos, or make any of my recipes, and tag #pheebsfoods8k and @pheebsfoods ! Yay! Can’t wait to meet more of you lovely souls ❤️ Anywho this was Choc peanut maca nana icecream topped with @lonijane #grawnola and strawbs! Heaven! 🌿🍌🌻🍉🌸🍇👌❤️ // #shoutout #pheebsfoods #nicecream @nanaicecream

“Cut the poison out of your life. No matter what - or whom - it may be.”

Jeigo - It’s going to hurt before it gets better (via jeigo)

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“Life is unexpected, and never goes as planned. It’s messy and will leave you broken, but that doesn’t matter. The thing that matters is how you deal with these situations. It matters how you handle your heart in times like these because that is what will make a difference in the future.”

Betsy Lane (x)

This hit me hard tonight, I think I need to remember this

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PEOPLE LET ME TELL YA ABOUT MY BEST FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!! it’s this princess, sarah (or you could just say princess sarah. i call her that all the time.) IT’S HER 20TH BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT.

sarah, i am so blessed to have you in my life. you are such a special part of me and of the best friends club. you never fail to make me feel better and i just want to hug you forever and ever. you are such an amazing person and in my eyes, you’re pretty much flawless in every way. i feel like i am so connected to you, not only because i love you so incredibly much, but because you GET me. it’s like you own a lil bit of my soul, have a lil bit of my heart, possess a lil bit of my brain. that sounded creepy but it’s okay because i know you get it. i wanna date you for real and just pamper you in every way because you deserve it and you’RE SO PRETTY I WOULD CHERISH YOU ALWAYS. you’re my colps princess, i’m obsessed with you always and forever. happy birthday my love muffin, i hope it’s magical. this year can be your best yet and i’ll love you through it!!!

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u are beautiful. don’t let society tell u otherwise. stay strong


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